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Drones And The California Wildfire

Drone Footage Shows The Devastating After Math Of the California Wild fires

If you haven’t seen the drone footage of the wildfires in Santa Rosa California I’m making this post to share them with you. Having grown up in Northern California and seeing wildfires on the news so often this footage was hard for me to see. I spent a lot of my time in Napa Valley and the Santa Rosa area growing up. To see the before and after effects of a natural disaster is devastating. Drone technology has provided us with a rare glimpse of the devastation from a birds eye view. This fire was the third deadliest fire in the states history. There are countless videos out there that show Santa Rose neighborhoods decimated to next to nothing. People I know that lost everything in the fire describe what they came back to as a nuclear explosion. The only things left standing are a handful of black barren tree trunks, melted cars, and bricks from the homes chimney. At least 31 people┬ádied as the fire swept over 191,00 acres and burned at least 3500 homes and structures. Now we can be thankful for the companies that came up with this amazing drone technology as it has become very useful in search and rescue and surveying the damage. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved and effected by this horrible tragedy.

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