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Featured Drone!

Hello all!! Ill be featuring a drone that caught my eye. This drone is the JJRC H43WH Foldable selfie Drone . Its extremely light weight and folds up small enough to fit in your pocket. You can take this selfie drone with you any where. You can tell they designed this selfie drone with the beginner in mind. Its very easy to operate and has prop guards to protect the operator, the drone itself and on lookers.

I’m going to buy one of these real soon. I could see my daughter and myself having a blast with this one.  You can take high quality photos with the 720P HD camera and get each aerial selfie with ease. The G-sensor Mode allows the drone to move as you move your smartphone. JJRC is always coming out with a new flashy, fun drone. I especially like the unique design of the JJRC H43WH foldable selfie drone.


JJRC H43WH is also referred to as the “Blue Crab” because of the design features in resembles a crab. The propeller prop covers look like claws. They do a great job protecting the props from getting damaged or broke completely making this a very good drone for a kid or just someone new to the drone world.


With the JJRC H43WH your able to do 360 deg. rolls mid flight and is equipped with altitude hold which means when you hit the hold button what ever altitude your at it will hover in that position. This is what makes it a selfie drone. With its 720p HD camera you can take beautiful looking shot for up high. This JJRC also comes with G-Sensor mode so once activated it will follow the movement of your phone. JJRC really did a fantastic job with this drone. No need for a controller if you have a smart phone you download the app and follow the on screen instructions. There also is a manual I suggest reading through before your first flight just to get real familiar with all the features in detail.


All in all you cant go wrong with this one. JJRC is a well known company in the drone industry and always produce high quality drones for a fraction of the price. The only downfall is the flight time. Its 5-7 min so I would definitely consider some extra batteries to have fully charged waiting on hand so you can keep the fun going.


I provided a link to JJRC youtube video of the drone in flight so you can see what its all about. You will see all the features I mentioned in the description. I hope you enjoy the video I know I did.


 JJRC H43WH Foldable (Blue Crab) Selfie Drone.


*One key will fold the propeller guards.
*720 mp and auto beauty mode for some spectacular selfies.
*Altitude hold feature to hold it steady for you.
*Headless mode to be able to steer in any direction no matter what way the selfie drone is facing.
*G-sensor Mode the drone will follow the movement of your phone.


*Size: 17 x 15 x 2.7cm ( unfolded ), 15 x 9.6 x 3.8cm ( folded )
*Diagonal length: 18.7cm ( unfolded )
*App is called JJRC
*Download the App at the App Store, Google Play, QR code on user manual
*System requirement: iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.1 or later


One down side of this drone is the fly time. It lasts 5-7 mins. It would be worth it to purchase a few back up batteries to switch out. You can purchase those JJRC Batteries here also.

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