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Make Block Airblock




The Airblock is pretty amazing, its the first drone of its kind that can be turned into a hover craft and used just about any where you want!  You can transform this drone to your liking as a hover craft and then change it right back and take flight again. As you can see from the video you have more options then any other drone out there. Its programming interface makes it the perfect opportunity to learn to code by building your own robots capable of trekking on land and gliding through the air! The one downfall for this drone is the flytime of under 10 mins. I would suggest purchasing a few extra batteries to extend the amount of fun you get to enjoy with this drone. You can find some here. Airblock MC-6A Battery 



They designed this drone with the idea of growing the minds of youngsters and adults with a love for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The drone has six motor blades one master module that links the blades with magnetic connectors in a honeycomb fashion without the use of any tools. Each module is wrapped in  Styrofoam to protect sensitive instruments from damage during a crash landing and, more importantly, to keep anyone from getting cut by the buzzing blades. These features make it a great drone for indooor use as well as out door. The Air Block can take a beating and just keep on going making this drone a top pick for just about anyone wanting a drone that will stand the test of time and the learning curve of flying.



In conclusion Id be very happy adding the Make Block Airblock to my arsenal of drones. It stands out as one of the most unique and interesting drone at a affordable price range. You cant get board with this drone seeing how many different things can be done with it. I cant wait to give it a go myself.



Airblock MC-6A Battery
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