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When I first saw this drone I instantly thought to my self that’s cool I can fly a hockey puck!!  With the drone being so small the battery has to be as well of course sporting a 3.7V 380mAh Li Po battery. MJX X906T is equipped with a camera and FPV at 5.8 GHz. The image is displayed on a 2.3 inch screen located on the transmitter. Flight time is only 6 minutes and maximum signal reach is 50 meters. The measurements of this drone are 13.7 x 13.7 x 3.5 cm. the cheapest full RTF 5.8G FPV quadcopter but offers also a great built-in DVR to record your flight sessions. Both the control, FPV and flight duration are pretty good.


All in all this drone is pretty unique. Its very small and mobile making it very convenient to take where ever you want. Its very affordable so its a good starting drone for someone new at flying and looking to gain some experience. The flight time is pretty low at 6 mins so I would recommend having a few back up batteries fully charged and standing by ready to replace to keep the good times going. The signal reach is pretty good at 50m ( about 160 Ft) which is not terrible for a drone at this price range.


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