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3 Tips To Get Started Flying Drones


If your reading this odds are you are new to flying drones, interested in flying drones , or know someone who is. I wanted to write this post to help steer you in the right direction and share with you the knowledge I’ve learned along the way from personal experience with you. This is intended to help beginners get started and learn what flying drones is all about.

Flying drones is fun and it’s a relatively new and inexpensive hobby. So often people just pick up the radio controller and start to fly around without knowing anything. It’s important to know that flying drones can be dangerous. They come equipped with pretty powerful, fast rotating propellers, you can easily break or damage what it crashes into. To minimize the risk it’s important that you follow the rules, and avoid flying over or near people and property, or any restricted area without permission.


Don’t Be Like These Two


Or Even Worse This Guy Crashed His $1400 Drone



1 You Have To Start Small

The old saying go big or go home should not apply to choosing your first drone. In my mind you should definitely start small and work your way up as your skills improve. As technology has improved over the years drones have got easier and easier to operate but that shouldn’t make you choose to spend $1500+ on your first drone. Id say find your own comfortable low spending budget and go from there. As your skills improve go ahead and splurge on a bigger more fancy model.



2 Choose The Right Time To Fly

Flying in the right conditions is a big deal. Especially when your first getting started. You definitely need the proper space to operate and weather conditions. Just like anything we do in life failure is going to happen. Sometimes when we fail we learn the most from that. In this case lets try our best to not because that means you’ll probably be needing to replace a few parts on your drone or replace it al together. Lets face it more then likely you will have some sort of crash at least once. Minimize the damage done by choosing the right conditions. Flying into power lines and taking out the power to the neighborhood would be a bad start to say the least.



3 Take Baby Steps

Just like a child you have to learn to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. This is similar to how you should approach learning to fly your first drone. I’m sure you’ve seen drone racing. Those guys fly 100mph while wearing those ridiculously cool FPV (first person view) goggles. That would fall under the running stage of life. You can make it to that point if that’s your goal don’t worry. First off start out with a nice and easy hover. Take it slow and move up and down, left and right etc.. When you feel comfortable with that go forwards and back. Next try circle patterns. By now if you haven’t crashed yet your probably having a blast and gaining confidence. Start experimenting a little. Try different flight patterns. Stay in the “walking stage” though don’t get to crazy. Eventually you will feel comfortable to go higher and faster. Once you’ve mastered all the basic skills I would recommend getting a pair of those FPV goggles. If haven’t seen this yet go check it out. There’s nothing like the first person view from the sky. Makes you feel like one of the birds.


With all that being said now is the time to pick out your first drone. There is a lot to factor in when choosing. First choose a budget your comfortable at. Next try to think of the type of features your looking to have. That will factor in your budget because obviously the better the features the drone comes with the higher the cost. You want to have the most fun possible flying drones so choose wisely but don’t go straight for the one with all the best features because that would mean you probably spent a lot and the risk of damaging your first drone can be pretty high.


A very good low price starter drone I would recommend the MJX X902.  The MJX X902 has a low speed setting and a high speed setting. Which is a nice feature to consider to make flying drones as fun as it can be first starting off. Keep it on low until your comfortable then turn it up as you go. It can do 3d flips and rolls mid flight with the touch of a button. If your wanting a drone with a camera unfortunately this one doesn’t have one but that’s one reason its very affordable.



If your wanting a drone a drone with a camera but still don’t want to spend a whole lot look at the Cheerwing Syma X5 SW-V3. 

It sports a HD camera to take photos or videos . It also has the feature to do 360 Deg. mid flight flips.  You can control the Cheerwing with any IOS or Android phone just have to download the app. Flying drones is a blast! This cheerwing gives you some decent features for a low price and would be an excellent choice to start off. Get comfortable with one like this and you’ll be more prepared to upgrade later on for one of the big boys.


You can see more drones I’ve highlighted HERE. Flying drones is a journey and I’ve researched all the drones I feel will make your journey easier while your just getting started.




Product Color Feature Camera Brand
Blue STABLE BEGINNER DRONE FOR KIDS: DROCON Scouter is Considered all Aspects for Beginners, all the Functions for Easy Operation Included: Altitude Hold / Headless Mode / One Key Backward /One Key Take Off and Landing/Lock and Unlock. No DROCON
White Headless/IOC function. Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Headless/IOC, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction. One key 360° roll, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. Yes Cheerwing
Green One key return: With built-in positioning system, the drone can auto locate the remote control, just press the one key return button, the drone will fly back to the remote control’s location. No EACHINE
Hs170 More Stable and Flexible with 6-Axis Gyro Stablization System
Good Performance of Wind-Resistant Control Range: About 30-50 Meters.Flying Time: About 6-8 minutes Charging Time: About 45-60 minutes (Under currents input 0.5A-1A)
No Holy Stone
X708w Wifi Fpv Very high quality drone for a beginner. Its equipped with REAL-TIME WI-FI transmission and 720p camera,Great choice for starting their journey with drone flying. It’s made of premium materials and comes at a fantastic price
ONE-KEY RETURN FOR EASY CONTROL: Never lose your drone again! The one-key return feature of this drone ensures you never have to worry about losing this drone. Wherever you are flying, hit the one-key return button and it will return straight to you
Jacob is a drone enthusiast who likes to spend his free time researching the latest news and models of drones. When he's not in his "drone" world he loves spending time with family and exploring the outdoors.

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