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Best Drone Brands of 2017

Recreational drones are gaining popularity fast. US recreational drone sales are projected to be more than one billion dollars in 2017! Many companies are trying to cash in and offer their take on drone technology to the masses. Which companies have the highest quality offerings? See below for what we think are the top 3 drone manufacturers on the market today.


DJI is by far the most well known consumer drone manufacturer. They command approximately 85% of recreational UAV sales. In 2017 they even won an Emmy for Technology and Engineering. They have both high end drones and lower end models for casual hobbiests those just starting out. Their drones have continually received positive reviews and they have a loyal following in the UAV community.

DJI Mavic Pro In Flight Footage


Some of DJI most recent offerings are:

DJI Mavic Pro
List Price:$999.00
You Save:$80.00
Price Disclaimer
DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter
List Price:$1,199.00
You Save:$310.00
Price Disclaimer


Yuneec is a Chinese electric aircraft manufacturer founded in 1999. Over the past few years they have become one of the world’s leading electric drone manufacturers. They offer high quality, affordable drones capable of taking HD video. Their main competitor, DJI may have more marketshare, but Yuneec has a loyal following and some people claim their drones are higher quality than DJI but I’m not to sure about that its up to your own personal preference.


Yuneec Typhoon H Drone In Flight



Some of their newest models are:


Hubsan may not be as popular as Yuneec or DJI , but they have a fleet of affordable and capable drones that routinely earn high reviews and critical praise. With all of their options falling in the sub-$500 price range, they are great for those considering getting into UAVs but who do not want to make a large initial investment.


Some new offerings from Hubsan are:




So as you can see DJI , Yuneec, and Hubsan have some very impressive quadcopters. The world of consumer drones is growing every day. With so many manufacturers and new technology it is hard not to wonder what 2018 will bring. I hope you enjoyed my picks and the video links I provided. If you have any questions send me a message Ill gladly answer you the best I can.



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