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With the rise in popularity and technology of drones the demand for highly trained, certified drone pilots has

been on the rise as well. Drones have been rising in popularity over the last few years to say the least. Sales of

drones is expected to surpass 12 billion by 2021, which is a annual growth rate of 7.6% from the 8.5 billion in

2016. It is predicted that 100,000 new jobs will open up in the drone industry by 2025. I did a quick 2 min search

on a few jobs that require a drone pilot license and this is what I found.

  • Field Survey Technician
  • Adjunct-CE, sUAS / Drones Pilot
  • Drone Pilot
  • Senior Field Survey Technician
  • Broadcast Engineering Associate
  • Video Production
  • Director of Photography
  • Global Business Development Manager

That’s only a few! Here’s a few sites to look up all the current drone job openings.

If I have your interest that’s good because I know a school that can get you started online in the comfort of your own home (contact me for that info). They will teach you everything you need to know. Their beginners class covers.


Everything you need to know to get started from leading drone experts:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations for commercial drones.

  • What to consider before you purchase your new drone.

  • Drone models and equipment, from hobby and prosumer drones, to microdrones and specialty drones.

  • Step-by-step guide to registering your drone.

  • Drone safety guidelines and flight checklist.

  • Industry trends, jobs and market projections.


In-person part 107 test prep

  • Part 107, the new FAA commercial drone regulation

  • allows drone pilots to fly UAS or UAVs for business purposes.

  • To fly under Part 107, you need to pass the FAA drone pilot test called the Airman Knowledge Test.

  • The two hour, 60 question test requires extensive studying. Our course teaches you everything you need to know. ( Summary Of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (PART 107) .


On-line part 107 test prep. 

Built by top U.S. military pilots for busy professionals
with little-to-no drone experience, this is serious Part 107 preparation—made easy!

  • Fun and easy to understand, yet comprehensive.

  • Relentlessly precise and up-to-date with the FAA, this course delivers solid exam preparation you can rely on.

  • Seamless, hi-def multi-media content make lessons convenient and enjoyable across devices—any time, anywhere.

  • Freedom to study at your own pace, with six months of unlimited, on-demand access.


Starting a drone business.

  • Developing Your Drone Business Strategy

  • How to Find Customers

  • Business Operations

  • Legal Considerations and Liabilities

  • Drone Insurance

Aerial photography.

  • 40 Minute Online Seminar

  • Aerial Photography Checklist

  • Basics of Video Editing

  • Printable Quick Shot Guide

  • Full Access for 6 Months


They have all this covered and ready to share with you. Supported by the best in the drone industry and ready to be there to help

and support you accomplish your goals. You don’t want to wait to get ahead in the drone industry.

Feel free to contact me and Ill let you know what school I’m referencing. Thank you very much for your interest and best of luck

with your future as a drone pilot.

Here’s a few books that might help you in the meantime: